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July 2011



Company Profile: NAES Corp.

By: Russ Willcutt

Providing engineering, construction, turbine repair, and O&M services, this company has the infrastructure and expertise to help wind developers and owners succeed.


The Importance of Oil-Resistant Cables

By: John Gavilanes

Sustaining trouble-free cable operation under harsh conditions reduces costly manufacturing downtime.


Shaft Alignment Made Easy

By: Brian Shanovich

With the proper tools and technique, the shaft alignment process can be both easy and accurate. VibrAlign shares the insights it has gained.


Composite Blades of the Future

By: Dr. Olivier Guillermin

Blade manufacturers that collaborate with thought leaders in composite engineering will dominate their market in the coming years, as VISTAGY explains.


Hybrid Wind Turbine Integration

By: Gina Heath

What does a remote Alaskan village do when it’s completely off the grid and can’t afford to transport fuel? Marsh Creek’s answer was to design a unique wind-diesel power system.


Optimizing Offshore Efficiency

By: Jussi Vanhanen

Offshore wind presents opportunities for those with the ability to harness it, and turbine reliability is more critical than ever. The Switch offers two ways forward.




By: Ron Krizan, P.E.

Once your project has been cleared to proceed, which construction strategy will you choose? This installment provides a comparison of two methods, including pros and cons.



By: Merritt Brown

To be proficient in managing your maintenance plan, it should be both a common practice and a team effort to focus on the sightline from maintenance reliability to business success.



By: Susan W. Stewart, Ph.D.

The challenges involved in building-integrated wind energy include wind flow, structure siting, unit certification, and even aesthetic concerns. Read on to learn more.



By: Anne Puhalovich

Demurrage and detention fees are penalty charges that owners apply when transportation equipment sits idle. Here’s how they can be mitigated, or avoided altogether.


Q&A: Dan Janisch LEED AP

Director/Wind Energy Technology Program, Mesabi Range College



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