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October 2011



Company Profile: Transcat, Inc.

By: Russ Willcutt

This company’s Wind Turbine Tools business segment provides products and services that are tailored to the wind industry.


Data Drives Offshore Development

By: Robert Mecarini

First-generation wind projects off the U.S. coastline demand data sets that feed EISs, enable wind characterization, and help streamline complex development requirements.


Sealing Solutions for Wind

By: Frank Moskob

Seal suppliers must recognize and understand the challenges faced by the wind industry in order to identify and develop the proper sealing solutions for current and future applications.


Medium-Voltage Circuit Protection

By: James J. Benke

Medium-voltage circuit breakers from Eaton with enhanced capabilities and industry leading protective and monitoring devices make it easier to get generated power into the distribution system.


Second-Generation LiDAR

By: Peter J.M. Clive

Cutting edge techniques based on laser technologies have led to second-generation LiDAR systems, according to the experts at SgurrEnergy.


Automated Turbine Inspection

By: Donald Effren

AutoCopter unmanned inspection devices are a new way to inspect wind turbines, increasing the number of daily inspections while eliminating the risk of personal injury.




By: Ron Krizan, P.E.

Anyone approaching a wind turbine under conditions where icing may form needs to know how to identify and protect themselves from shedding ice.



By: Merritt Brown

Cold weather can impact the reliability of a wind project, as well as the productivity of its service team. This first in a two-part series examines how preseason preparations benefit both.



By: Susan W. Stewart, Ph.D.

A new concept for designing blades is through adaptive blade technology, which may allow more energy to be captured and lower blade loads to be experienced.



Seasoned travelers understand that rules change once borders are crossed. Successful logistics planning benefits from that realization, as well.


Q&A: John Boorman

Director of Sales/Availon, Inc.



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