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Remote Site Construction

With the global expansion of the wind industry, the placement of towers and farms will grow more remote. Vestas is clearly up to the... Continue

Transferring Offshore Technology

As offshore wind-farm development begins in the United States, the lessons learned in Europe offer shortcuts to success. Mott... Continue

A Foundation for Success

Rammed Aggregate Pier systems by Geopier are now commonly used for foundation support solutions on tower sites around the world,... Continue

Optimal Tower and Foundation Design

A new measure of wind tower scalability for greater hub heights and larger turbines, courtesy of the Tindall Corporation. Continue



Raising Generator Reliability

By implementing proper maintenance procedures you can increase the life and productivity of your wind turbine generator. Let Shermco... Continue

Managing Wind Station Warranties

When a warranty expires, responsibility for future repairs transfers to the owner, who should be proactive in conducting in-depth... Continue

Surge Protection for Electrical Systems

Approximately 85 percent of all lightning strikes to wind turbines affect the power, control, and communication systems rather than... Continue

Automated Turbine Inspection

AutoCopter unmanned inspection devices are a new way to inspect wind turbines, increasing the number of daily inspections while... Continue



Big Gears for Big Wind

The best way to insure maximum turbine service life is to begin with high-quality, precision gearing, which the G&E line has been... Continue

A Virtual Toolbox of Technologies

The BEAST tool from SKF simulates the behavior of a complete bearing, including cages, using a fully three-dimensional specialized... Continue

Innovating Wind Turbine Performance with BPM Software for Case Management

Dynamic Case Management (DCM) gives EDPR North America an overall competitive advantage in process management. Continue

Considering Transient Loads in Drivetrain Design

In wind turbine drivetrain design, considering harsh dynamic loads is critically important to ensure the future reliability of the... Continue



The Hidden Costs of Ownership

By understanding—and addressing—a host of related issues, wind turbine buyers and owners can avoid a host of hidden costs.... Continue

A Template for Success in Texas

The Lubbock Economic Development Alliance has assembled a support system to help assure the success of wind farm developers and... Continue

Educating the Wind Energy Workforce

U.S. schools offer degree programs and certifications to produce highly trained personnel for wind energy industry employers. Continue

Covering Your Assets

Long-term reliability and personnel safety in electrical power systems depends on quality components, mindfulness of standards,... Continue



Company Profile: Safety Supply South

When work crews aren’t adequately equipped, downtime occurs and money is lost. This company will help you to avoid that scenario. Continue

Company Profile: GL Garrad Hassan

With roots in academia and R&D this company offers independent technical and engineering services, products, and training to the wind,... Continue

Manufacturing Profile: Romax Technology

With its suite of software and services this company has positioned itself as drivetrain thought leaders for wind component... Continue

Company Profile: Spectro, Inc.

Based in Massachusetts, Spectro, Inc. is a technology company that offers products specifically for condition monitoring of... Continue




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